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I Believe You'll Enjoy Distinct Benefits with DR Windows


Over the years, clients have remarked that they appreciate the following 'common-sense' benefits Dr Windows provides:
We email a photo of the partner who will arrive at your home the day prior.  You'll have our beaming smiling
      face even before we arrive.
We love pets and have not lost one yet :)
We work around nap time.  We will do that room first or last based on your direction.
No shoes inside your home.  We have booties or 'indoor ladder shoes' that have never seen the outdoors.
We move furniture if needed and back to original position.  No prep time involved for you.
If more than 30 minutes outside of our projected arrival window, we'll call.  Your time is valuable.  We respect that.
If you have burnt bulbs, have replacement bulbs, and we can safely reach them; we will change at no charge. Happy to do it.
Save $ + Owner Pride = Great Value.  We average 10-20% less than most service companies.  They have offices, company vehicles, pay royalties, and have expensive advertising.  All these cost money and are passed on to you.   None of these costs get your home any cleaner - only deplete your finances.
We are insured.
We use environmentally friendly solutions and products.
Pricing is based on your home's unique windows, attributes, etc.
This is our profession and craft and is reflected in our service and pride.
You are a client...not a customer.  We believe in long-term relationships.  94% of our clients have been served more than 8 years:)
Only partners serve you.  Partners always take more pride than someone using employees.
We answer phones and emails seven days a week.  Your inquiry responded to within minutes or hours at worst, not days.
We check in with you each season.
We are discreet respecting our clients privacy and homes - we do not disclose your information to anyone.  Ever.
If you are not delighted, We'll work with you and for you until you are :)