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Home Soft Wash

Home Soft Wash

Regular exterior house cleaning is just as crucial for maintaining your home’s overall condition as cleaning its interior! Outside house cleaning of your home will remove damaging residue from exterior walls, and from driveway and walkways (IF those are selected) . Professional exterior house cleaning services protect those surfaces from damage while enhancing your property’s overall curb appeal.

Power and pressure washing are effective at removing caked-on mud and grime from a home, but these methods of exterior house cleaning are not without risks. Extremely hot water can dry out wood decks and fences, causing them to shrink and warp. High-pressure cleaning can also chip brick, dent aluminum siding, loosen roofing tiles, and shatter a window!

Soft wash exterior cleaning begins with an application of special detergents and solvents that penetrate dirt and grime. Low pressure is used to rinse these mixtures away. Soft Washing thoroughly cleans every inch of your home’s exterior without damaging surfaces.

Routine home washing prevents damage caused by dust, dirt, silt, grit, salt from snow clearing, and acid rain. All this damaging debris settles onto a home’s exterior walls over the years causing exterior brick walls and grout to get soft and crumbly.

Soft Home Wash is perfect for removing all surface dirt, mold, mildew, pollen, algae, etc.  It can not solve siding that looks 'chalky' as that is a sign of siding that has aged and is failing.  Nor can soft wash (or any wash) remove anything that has chemically leached into the siding (siding is porous).

Home Washing prevents costly repairs

Built up dirt and grime doesn’t just make your home look worn; it can actually cause damage and that can cost you thousands in repairs. Mold, mildew, algae and even dirt can all infiltrate the wood in your home and cause serious structural damage. Also, a dirty house invites insects to intrude. But that’s not all. Exposure to the elements (rain, wind and sun) oxidizes over time, leaving your house vulnerable to all sorts of problems. A Home Wash can help stave off problems and help prevent maintenance problems in the future.

Home Washing promotes a healthier family

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, a good cleaning can help get rid of the things causing all of that wheezing and sneezing. Anytime you can get rid of allergens on the exterior of your home; you make it less likely that they will get inside where they can wreak havoc on your family’s health.

Home Washing removes pollutants

Our environment is full of pollutants: acid rain; bird excrement; smoke, and more.  All of these things can settle on the surface of your home’s exterior, putting you at risk of contamination.  Home Washing helps clean away pollutants.