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Questions I'm Often Asked
(And the answers to them)

Q) Can you clean the inside of my windows, or just the exterior?
Based on your preference, I can clean the exterior, interior, both, as well as screens. I work carefully and safely on the interior of your home. Your furnishings, floors, and window treatments will be left just the way I found them. Though I’ve never had to use it, we have a one million dollar liability insurance coverage. Pets are no problem. You do not necessarily need to be there when I’m doing the interior. Often clients will leave a door open or provide a garage door code, which I lock upon leaving.

Q) Are your cleaning products safe?
All of our products are home safe and biodegradable. I do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring. Drop cloths are used to protect flooring in case of any drops. (No product used will adversely affect any window tinting treatment).

Q) How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Most clients will have their interior, exterior, and screens done in the spring and then have the exterior cleaned once more in the fall. Some do the opposite. Certainly whatever is your preference I’m delighted to do.

Q) What is the estimated return on investment for clean windows when selling a home?

According to 2,000 real estate agents surveyed and published in the June 2003 issue of Money Magazine, window cleaning is the #1 improvement that generates the best return on investment.  It was determined that window cleaning alone had a 768% return on investment.

Q) How does the weather on my scheduled day affect your service and my results?
Dr Windows is a year round service. I clean in cold, snowy weather, as well as hot humid weather. I am also still able to clean on rainy days as long as it is not a blowing, driving rain with lightning present. A light rain will not affect your windows. It is not rain that spots windows, but a driving rain hitting a dirty window screen and/or hitting a currently dirty window.

Q) What about my grids, curtains, and blinds? Do I need to take them down?

While any assistance is welcome, it is not necessary. Some homes have grids that are very fragile and I make every effort to treat them as such. Obviously, I need to raise any blinds and open any curtains to perform a detailed cleaning. If you don’t want certain blinds raised or curtains opened, simply let me know.

Q) Your quote's lower than some. Why?

I once lost a prospective client who told me I was too inexpensive (and therefore couldn’t possibly do a superior job). I don’t have the overhead, offices, national royalties, company cars, etc. that inflate many window washers prices. I therefore pass on only direct results costs to the clientand am most often less expensive than competitors.   

Q) Your quote's higher than some. Why?
Having knowledge of the window washing competition, I don’t believe it is. However, there will always be individuals that compete on price alone and not craftsmanship, care of your home, and quality. Ensure someone cheaper is going to do your windows by hand, is cleaning sills and jambs, wiping frames, etc. Some people clean windows with poles which yield poor results yet is much quicker for the window washer. In other words, “Is it an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison?” There’s always a reason they'll do it for less; and not usually one that works in the clients favor.  I believe my prices to be a strong value for the level of work, attention to detail, and care provided. Cheaper almost always costs more over time.

Q) Are you insured?

Yes. Happy to provide a copy of our liability insurance upon request. 

Q) How will a cheaper service actually cost me more over time?
With personal services, once you eliminate high corporate overhead costs with franchises and large companies, cost is then almost always proportional to quality of work. The cheapest quote often yields poor workmanship. Clients then have to have work re-done or live with poor results. Unfortunately this is all too common.

Q) Who will clean my windows?
Myself and/or one of my partners. While Dr Windows is a third generation locally owned family business, over many years I’ve partnered with several individuals that share my enthusiasm and passion for great quality work and delighting clients. Partners of Dr Windows have the same vested interest in your delight and repeat patronage. I’m out working every day and often sparkle windows with a partner.

Q) My cleaning person does my interior windows so I don’t need them cleaned, right?
Most cleaners spot windows that then may look clean, yet until the entire window is washed and you see the difference washing and sparkling windows makes vs. ‘windexing’ windows, you’ll not notice the difference. It is quite dramatic.

Q) What guarantee do I have that I’ll be delighted?
You have my personal commitment to resolve anything that you may not be delighted with. I’ll come back to resolve & fine-tune anything until you’re delighted.  I’d like to believe this is a contributing factor to 96% of my clients returning year after year.

Q) Do you accept credit cards?


We decided to join the modern era after 21 years as many clients no longer use paper checks.

There is a 4% charge WE incur and we reluctantly pass that along.