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I'll briefly describe how I strive to take care of my clients:

We are not perfect.  Rarely, we may miss a window.  We may install a screen upside down.  This may happen twice or three times a season amongst all our clients. 

We do a walk-thru of your home prior to leaving to ensure quality and comprehensiveness of our work. 

I then send an email asking you for your feedback.  If you notice anything over the next several weeks after the completion of our work, call me directly.  We'll cheerfully return to resolve any concern.  I ask you to rate us on a stamped return postcard. 

I'd like to believe that our concern over your happiness is what drives our client return rate of over 94% year over year.  (Some people move out of the area!) 

I truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.  Always know you may contact me with any comments you may have. Keeping you happy is very important to me.

Some client comments returned on feedback postcards:

 "Thanks again for the great window cleaning.  After comparing experiences with my neighbor, you were professional (I like the no shoes in the house), made me feel comfortable, and did extras that our neighbor had to pay for"     Mrs. Jean Nowicki

"My former window cleaner called the day of my scheduled cleaning and cancelled.  As you know, my daughter's wedding reception was the next day and with 125 people soon to be in my home the last thing I needed to worry about was dirty windows.  Thank you for rearranging your entire schedule to fit me in with only 12 hours notice.  You even brought floodlights to be able to finish after dark to meet my needs.  Nobody else was able to do that.  And your work was superior to my previous guy.  You've earned my patronage."   Mrs. Susan Bolger

"Your partner Johnny took the time to explain to me exactly what my options were for my old dilapidated windows.  As a retired school teacher, I appreciated the time spent and his professionalism."   Mrs. Ted Sornenski

"As a public figure I sincerely appreciate the discretion and professionalism exhibited by Jim and his partner.  Thorough, professional, careful around my gardening, and true gentlemen."    Name witheld by request

"The windows looked great, but what prompts this letter Jim is the thought that you would go out of your way to help my 88 year old mom with her leaky faucet and refuse any tip was so thoughtful of you.  She still can't believe that someone today would be willing to lend a hand just for the sake of doing so!   Ms. Jean VanKline

 "Thanks for returning last week to clean my 'bird-stained' picture window.  It never fails that after my windows are done a flock of geese targets that window.  Not your fault.  Not even your responsibility to return weeks after you've cleaned but you always do at no charge.  Thanks Jim"    Michael Blanchard

"How you worked around my six year olds birthday party is beyond me.  10 kids following me around the home would have driven me nuts but you smiled, stayed professional, and persevered.  My compliments!  Do you babysit?  Ha Ha!"    Julia Costanza

 "I was shocked at how quickly and efficiently everything was handled.  I didn't think there were any businesses left who provide this kind of service.  I'm so tired of calling for estimates, services, etc and people either don't return calls, or schedule appointments and don't show up, when I'm willing to pay what they ask! Dr. Windows was unbelievable - quick estimate, showed up exaclty when they said they would and did a FANTASTIC job.   Wish everyone ran a business like this."   J Griffith

"We will definitely call back for future services. Great experience start to finish. From the prompt reply to emails. Almost immediate and detailed estimate. Picture of staff member. I was blown away by the customer service. Why can't everyone be like this! Thank you very much, I will be referring you."  T Broad

"We have a large home with lots of windows on three levels. They did a beautiful job of cleaning all the screens, all the windows inside and out. We also had them do the carriage lights at the garage, our yard light and the lights at the front door. They did a great job. They are not the cheapest in town and not the most expensive. In our case they were the most responsive. I filled out the very short on-line form and a few hours later had a quote in my email. By the end of the day we had agreed on a price, a day and a time. This started on a Friday. By the next Wednesday at 1 pm my windows were sparkling. The screens were like new. All the window sills were wiped down and spotless. They protect floors under the window on which they are working. No harsh chemicals. Friendly, efficient, right on time. Will definitely use this company again".   K. Lewton

"Regrettably, I did have a problem opening the document.  However, the only reason I was going to open it (having written a check-- I really don't need a receipt)... was because I was so VERY pleased with the two fine young men who did a fantastic job on my windows!  They took off their shoes when working inside; were very courteous and knowledgeable; did great work; were definitely here to please; were prompt arriving and did speedy but thorough work. " Ms McCarthy