Welcome to DR Windows
"Best Little Window Washer Around"


You'll find a little background on Dr Windows, learn several benefits we offer homeowners, and be able to request a custom quote for your home or office.

While we began with simply window cleaning, we have evolved into dazzling virtually all outside surfaces for homeowners:

Home Soft Wash

Pressure Washing concrete, Pavers, Patio Furniture

Cleaning Decks

Gutter Cleanout and Gutter Face cleaning

Dazzling glass as well as dazzling home curb appeal

Dr Windows might be better known as Dr Dazzle!  

There's no high tech graphics, videos, links, or other costly and cumbersome items on the website. (Just like there's no offices, company cars, and slick advertising) 

Those things cost money and time and would only add to your window cost and take me away from doing what I do much better than creating websites - sparkling windows and surfaces.

Thank you for stopping in!


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