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Dr Windows Story

My name is Jim. 

I grew up in a home where both parents worked hard to provide a better life for their children.  I come from a long line of entrepreneurs.  Watching parents and grandparents in their endeavors, I learned valuable work lessons.  Be on time.  Do more than what you're paid for.  Be Fair.  Listen.  Know you're only as good as your last effort.  Reputation is everything.  And so forth.

When my grandparents would prepare for visitors at their home, us grandchildren would go over and help do five things instilled as ‘necessary’ to prepare for company: Iron the tablecloth and linens, wash the car, mow the grass, properly set the table, and wash the windows. Even at a very young age, I learned the pride involved in clean windows.

We do windows.  We clean lots of exterior surfaces.  We try to be the best service provider there is. We believe in adding value to all our efforts.  We believe in humor.  There isn't enough in the world.  We believe in common sense,

I run marathons and climb mountains as hobbies, though my marathon times are slower than 10 years ago!  I'm deeply involved in a children's foundation providing basic nutritional needs to underprivileged children.  My partners also share the desire to build long term relationships with our clients.

While human and not perfect, we are professional, dedicated, and care.  We take this seriously.  We don't do other things.  We clean and serve.