I Believe You'll Enjoy Distinct Benefits with DR Windows


1)  Save $ + Owner Pride =  Great Value

     We average 10-25% less than most window washing

       companies.  They have company offices, cars, pay

       royalties, and have expensive advertising.   All these

       items cost money and are passed on to you.  None

       of them get your  windows any cleaner -

       only add to your cost.

2)  We're Certified & Insured

3)  We Clean Windows by Hand

     No poles, pressure washers, or hoses.  Poles are a terrible way to clean. 

      My windows are cleaned by hand yielding superior results.

4)  Frames are Wiped

     All exterior frames of your windows are wiped.

5) Extra Values (not offered by other window cleaners)

      Return within 24 hours to clean any window soiled by birds, pesky neighbors!   Up to $89 Value     Free     

                    When doing interior also:

      Replacing burnt bulbs in hard to reach areas (your light bulbs, if we can access)      Up to $59 Value          Free 

6) You're a Client...Not a Customer

     We believe in building long-term relationships. 

       I have served 93% of my clients more than 8 years.

7)  Only Owners or Partners Sparkle Your Windows

      Only owners or Partners sparkle your windows.  Owners/Partners will always take more pride and

      care than an employee (in any service).  92% of my new business comes

      from referrals.  I believe happy clients are the best advertising.

8)  An Uncommon Guarantee

     If you're not completely delighted, I'll work with you & for you until you are. 

      This I promise.