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State of Business World - Spring 2022



While the Covid Pandemic perhaps is winding down in the U.S., it would seem as the business world landscape has changed.

Amazon Prime used to be overnight delivery, which is why I paid/pay extra for that luxury.  No more.  Now my Prime deliveries are 3-7 days.  But I'm still charged Prime rate.

Fedex overnight used to be overnight. Guaranteed.  My last two Fedex overnights were received 2 days later, not overnight.  When I asked Fedex why I was charged for overnight delivery (vs ground) and did not receive overnight, I was told they 'TRY' for overnight now...

I called 4 plumbers to service my tankless water heater.  Only 2 of 4 returned calls, both 3 days after I called, and, they are scheduling 4 months out.

I have had an AT&T Cell phone challenge for 4 months that (18) 60-90 minute each calls and 3 visits to an AT&T Store have not solved.  I get a call center out of the Country.

87% of restaurants nationwide as of 1 Oct 2021, say they are moderately to severely understaffed.  Raw food costs for them are up 39%.

USPS just raised rates while in the next sentence stated they are intentionally going to slow some mail delivery.

A major US airline says they are short 14,000 ground staff at at three of their hubs have to 'triage' which flights to load and push back while others then become late causing missed connections.  Missed connections due to airline fault is up 376% in last 12 months according to Flightaware.

It's a new service world apparently.

Our fuel (and yours) costs are up 47% over last 12 weeks.  Supply costs are up 79% since 1 February.

None of that should matter to you.  I am here to serve you, not the other way around.

At DRW, we are trying hard to not fall into these excuses and pitfalls.

So far in 2021, we have made 99.83% of our scheduled appointments.  We generally answer our phones either instantly, or within 30 minute return call.  We may be out of breath, sound distracted, but we feel a LIVE person, NOW beats a call center that can't answer your questions, or help you; 3 days later.  You'll find I answer calls and emails 7 days a week, often to my wifes' chagrin:). Try finding that in service providers....

We are trying.  Hard:)