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Concierge - Free Benefits for our most loyal clients


Concierge Clients

For our clients that have and are utilizing Dr Windows services to a high and regular degree, we proudly and gratefully offer concierge client rewards.

The beauty of this program is that there are NO sign-ups, NO points tracking, nothing that requires any work on our clients' part.  The last thing anyone needs is another program to monitor, track, and try and maintain eligibility in...

For those clients that have demonstrated a high and regular degree of patronage, you will receive an email stating so:)


Concierge Client Free Benefits:

*Email offers valid ONLY for concierge clients

*5% OFF ALL service always.  Your price on services will reflect this discount!

*Credit Card Fee Waived

*FREE gutter face cleaning when Home Soft Wash being done

*Priority scheduling including scheduling within 72 hours of request, often sooner.

*Saturday appointments (if desired) are reserved ONLY for concierge clients