Benefits for Busy Moms

 Over the years, busy Moms as well as Professional's have remarked that they appreciate the following 'common-sense' benefits Dr Windows provides: 

  • I email a picture of which of us owners will arrive at your home the day prior.  You'll have our beaming smiling face even before we arrive
  • We love pets and have never lost one yet :)
  • We work around nap time.  We will do that room first or last based on your direction.
  • No shoes inside your home.  We have booties or 'indoor ladder shoes' that have never seen the outdoors.
  • We move furniture if needed and move back to original position.  No prep time involved for you.
  • If more than 30 minutes outside of our projected arrival time, we will call.  Your time is valuable.  I respect that.
  • If you have burnt bulbs, have replacement bulbs, and we can reach them; we will change at no charge.  Happy to do it.